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Top 10 Renewable Energy Services Companies - 2022

The rapid transition to clean energy presents new opportunities for utilities and power generation companies in the renewable energy sector. They offer diverse renewable energy services to supply reliable power with enhanced energy security while mitigating emissions and streamlining clean energy operations.

On account of these proactive advancements, the global renewable energy services market is forecasted to be worth $1930.60 billion in 2030, as per the latest market analysis reports. The reports identify the market to witness a growth spike at a CAGR of 8.5 percent during the forecast period. The potential for rising renewable energy consumption, combined with the electrification of transportation and expanded participation in the electrical value chain by industrials and oil and gas businesses, is hastening industry convergence. The burgeoning market growth is also due to the increasing development of offshore wind and green hydrogen technologies.

This edition of Energy Tech Review brings forth the most influential developments in the renewable energy service space that are aimed at providing efficient battery and energy storage technologies to be safe, compliant, and perform to the highest standards. The edition features thought leadership articles from Sandeep Dudhwewala, Vice President, Utility of the Future at National Grid, who sheds light on the significance of redefining clean energy initiatives and advancements in battery storage technology. It also brings into the spotlight invaluable insights from Julian Kaufmann, Senior Vice President at CAMS, who talks about installing new battery energy storage utilizing existing infrastructures.

Along with these critical insights from industry experts, the edition features Wolf River Electric, a reliable commercial electrical contractor specializing in providing the most energy-efficient residential and commercial solar panel installation solutions and services to customers on time and within budget.

We hope this edition helps you find the most appropriate renewable energy solution provider that will assist you with the industry-best approaches to be accessible, flexible, and keenly responsive in clean energy generation and utilization to support a larger goal of net-zero global carbon emissions in the future.

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    Top Renewable Energy Services Companies

  • Wolf River Electric primarily focuses on residential solar and has heavily impacted the Midwest residential solar Market. As a company, they are on track to hit 60 million in Revenue in 2022 and, as of this year, the largest residential solar installer in Minnesota

  • Core Development Group is a trusted and agile independent U.S. company that designs, develops, and constructs renewable clean energy projects and offers related consulting services to companies in the U.S. and abroad.

  • PDE supports its brand promise of ‘Turning Power into Positive Energy by Being Trusted Experts in Renewable Energy’ with three operational pillars:Helping Communities in Need, Conception to Electrification and a Team of Passionate Experts.

  • Solar Bear Energy offers a risk-free, low-maintenance, and affordable solution for solar panels. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Solar Bear Energy also provide services such as getting city permits and approvals, post-installation inspections, and handles paperwork that deals with connecting panels to a power grid

  • TEXSOLAR caters to commercial and residential clients, offering the highest quality solar equipment and a wide range of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, software, and services. The company provides a lifetime warranty for all its parts and labor, 25 years of which are transferable

  • SoCo Power

    SoCo Power

    SoCo Power is a full-service, certified solar integrator committed to offering the absolute best in solar array engineering, design, installation, maintenance, battery storage systems, EV charging station equipment, and backup generators. Cody founded the firm intending to have clients become friends and members of the SoCo Family, save them money while taking control of their electricity and helping the environment

  • Xando Energy

    Xando Energy

    Xando energy, South Florida’s best solar panel installation firm, specializes in various solar-powered sustainable energy solutions, from PV installations to battery backup systems to 24/7 solar monitoring. Xando creates all these solutions from the ground up, depending on client energy requirements and savings objectives

  • Ameresco


    Ameresco, Inc., founded in 2000, is the world’s leading clean technology integrator of complete business services, energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades, asset sustainability, and renewable energy solutions. Ameresco’s sustainability services include energy infrastructure upgrades and the planning, building, and operation of renewable energy facilities

  • Bullfrog Power

    Bullfrog Power

    Bullfrog Power is a Canadian renewable energy supplier such as wind, low-impact hydro, and green natural gas. Using Bullfrog Power’s green energy, users can lessen their environmental effects, promote the development of new renewable energy projects in their region and throughout Canada, and contribute to creating a cleaner, healthier world

  • Ørsted


    To fulfill the rising demand for clean energy in the United States, Orsted uses the collective power of renewable energy solutions. They are producing sustainable solutions that assist American energy independence and carbon reduction by implementing the complete spectrum of renewable technology

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